Welcome to Christ Church at Whetstone URC.

Do you sometimes miss being able to attend an evening service to bring the Lord's day to a close?

Worship is arranged, broadly in accord with the reformed faith and order at Christ Church at Whetstone, Oakleigh Park North, N20 9AR at 6:30pm nearly every Sunday except on Easter Day, Christian Aid Sunday and during the second half of Advent; when the Fellowship is joined by friends who attend other churches in the morning but which no longer have a regular evening service; yet still like to also come into the presence of our Lord to end His day.

"The Mission Purpose of Christ Church at Whetstone is to experience God's love, forgiveness and power, so as to proclaim this good news to the wider community through the welcome and care of our fellowship and through individual daily service and witness."

Contact: church Secretary Christopher Buckwell 0772 013 0024 or click here to email

You will notice we have a direct feed from The URC main website, this way you can see what is going on with the wider body of URC as well as see what is happening locally.

Because the Bible is so important to our faith we have included a passage of scripture which will be automatically updated daily courtesy of Bible Gateway

Christ Church at Whetstone