Welcome to Christ Church at Whetstone URC.



A warm and friendly ‘hello’ to all our visitors!


               Christ Church at Whetstone: -

  •  rejoices in our worship of God – our Father, our Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  •  we live with the love of God reflected in love and care of each other
  •  we aim to make the love of Jesus clearly visible to one another and to the world  around us
  •  we serve others in our community and abroad
  •  we welcome visitors and trust that you would experience God’s blessings and join us in sharing God’s blessings with others

Our usual times for Sunday worship together are:

11.15am and 6.30pm

-Every Sunday morning our programme includes children and young people

Our Mission Statement

The mission purpose of Christ Church at Whetstone is to experience God’s love,

forgiveness and power so as to proclaim this good news to the wider community

through the welcome and care of our fellowship and through individual daily

service and witness.

For Minister please contact Revd. V. Frederick George 020 8440 4691 email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Church Secretary: Christopher Buckwell 020 8445 0875 or click here to email

Lettings Officer for hire of church hall: Jeremy Alford  Tel: 07858 372086

You will notice we have a direct feed from The URC main website, this way you can see what is going on with the wider body of URC as well as see what is happening locally.

Because the Bible is so important to our faith we have included a passage of scripture which will be automatically updated daily courtesy of Bible Gateway